Sunday, March 18, 2012

The Teacher as a Learner

by: Cherry Moriones-Doromal, BMC,LLB,MBA, DSM
“It looks like you have 30 hours a day, Cherry”, said one of my Facebook friends. She probably noticed that I have loads of activities going on, especially now that I’m with Mahatma Gandhi International School or MGIS—an outstanding international school in Metro Manila, Philippines.

My professional life has been a very exciting journey since day one. I started as a working scholar back in 1993 where I had the opportunity to work as co-anchor for a radio program, and reporter for news and public affairs at DWOO 774 Khz (Mareco Broadcasting Network). Years after, I became a marketing and advertising executive in my own company, held public relations accounts locally and internationally, and landed on television, where I hosted several shows. Afterwards, I became editor-in-chief of a U.S. broadsheet, “The Phil Am Press”, and entertainment editor of a show biz news magazine in Los Angeles, California. I also had the chance to produce and distribute my musical compositions locally.

These exposures opened up more local opportunities which provided me the chance to be editor of the city newspaper of Manila, and later on, to be online editor of The Manila Bulletin Online (something, I’m really proud about!)

Over the past few years, I had such a brilliant exposure in the online world where I held the posts of content writer, advertorial writer, international news editor, website editor, online marketing specialist, SEO specialist and project manager. These were all gratifying learning and earning experiences where I had everything that I wanted in one complete package— travel abroad (without leaving my home), working at my own pace, learning about various things (through research), sharing my ideas, meeting people of different cultures, testing my acumen… and the best part: “at the comfort of my own home”.

I have finished four academic degrees, so far, with one honorary degree—Bachelor of Mass Communication, Bachelor of Laws, Master in Business Administration, Earning Units in Education (which allowed me to take and pass the professional teachers’ board), plus, Doctorate of Strategic Missions granted by the International Communicators Open University at the University of the Philippines.

My friends say I’m obsessed with learning. Well, not necessarily obsessed, but my simple rationale is that the more I learn, the more things I can share. I have been teaching since I was a 5th grader—in the church, in the streets, in different educational institutions, and for the past three years, through my online ministry. It was only last year that I formalized my teaching when I taught in a real school as a professional educator.

I think, life is a non-stop learning and teaching process, as long as one is willing to learn, and is willing to share some or all of his wisdom, whenever there is an opportunity. I’m glad that I thirst for more learning each day. In fact, I’m planning to enroll in culinary school, make-up school, study linguistics, videography, and Special Education, as time permits.

Oh well, speaking of “videography”, that reminds me that it’s 1:30 a.m. now, and I need to go to bed to prepare myself for the Mahatma Gandhi International School (MGIS) Video Production Course for the Middle Years Program . In this course, the students will have the chance to work individually and in groups to produce their own original films using video camcorders, lighting and editing equipment. And, yes, I’ll be attending the course to supplement my film production skills.

 I appreciate how MGIS supports the mission of giving its students, and teachers  top-caliber global continuing education, using state-of-the-art facilities and well-thought programs… Surely, I will maximize this opportunity.

 Part II of this blog coming soon!

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