Friday, March 6, 2015

The Scholar Performed in a School Talent Show

By Cherry Moriones Doromal

Zecheriah Wilson "Strong" Doromal, my 4th Grader performs "The Scholar" in MGIS Talent Show.

Now,may I give a brief background about this piece? I wrote THE SCHOLAR in 2012 at the MGIS Marketing Department when I was the school's Marketing Director. Incidentally, I was also tasked to teach Philippine History, Culture and Language.As you may notice, I used Mr. Argel's name as one of the characters to represent our faculty/staff who had been my #1 inspiration.

Through the piece, I wanted to introduce to the international community our Filipino values of resilience,hardwork, love for the family and strong faith to the Almighty. Today, I'm proud to announce (as I have you in my mind!) that this humble piece is being used in district and regional school competitions in the country and the blogpost has reached an estimated 200000 readers internationally.

 Lastly, despite the fact that Strong wasn't ready when he performed as he was absent  for two consecutive days prior to t5his performance-- thus, wasn't notified-- I believe that he did a great job... After all, just like you, he is an MGIS Tiger!

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5 Stars for MGIS Manila

In a month or two, I'm planning to exit from MGIS Mahatma Gandhi International School (Manila)​ to prepare my kids for transfer (effective SY 2015-2016) to a local Catholic private school with a purely DepEd curriculum --because that's what my children need in college. Admittedly, the kids' exposure to international education has been superb! At the moment, a lot of parents are messaging me asking where I intend to transfer the boys... Hahahah, I'm afraid that they, too, will follow us and I might be charged for "inciting to sedition", heheheh! This is a trial period, and if the boys don't adjust well, I'll place them back to a good IS.

 The new school I chose was the home of some of our present ecclesiastical leaders and notable political personalities. The students are down-to-earth, street smart, and exhibit laudable leadership skills. As the school is close to a hundred years in existence, it vouches for its possession of a strong combination of traditional and progressive curriculum. They have robotics and the students are well-trained in Mathematics and Sciences. Since it's a local school, the tuition fee, including the books and uniform is just around P100,000, about 20% of our present tuition fee in MGIS. However, they have many students per class, 30-35, I heard. Anyway, the good news is that it's located less than 1 km away from our new home!

To end this post, let me share with you what I love most about MGIS: 1)Exclusivity-- generally, not more than 15 students per class 2) Individualized teaching, making sure that the students' needs are properly addressed 3)The culture! -- Unity in diversity, plus the family atmosphere. Everybody knows everybody 4) Language programs: ESL, Mandarin, Spanish, French, Filipino (PHCL) 5) Students' hands-on exposure to international culture, theater arts, performing arts,music, visual arts and drama; hence, training the students to be versatile 6) and lastly, the sports program covering football, handball, swimming, fencing, archery, basketball, table tennis, chess,taekwondo and a lot more. I hope it remains the same on the years to come. MGIS gave my children a truly international education through its IPC (International Primary Curriculum), and previously International Baccalaureate Primary Years Programme/ Middle Years Programme, and now, IGCSE (International General Certificate of Secondary Education) curriculum.

MGIS is a small school, with a small population and a huge heart! I love MGIS! -- Cherry Moriones Doromal, MGIS Parent, Bachelor of Mass Communication, Bachelor of Laws, Master in Business Administration, Licensed Teacher (Secondary Education, English and Literature)

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