Monday, April 9, 2012

International School—Tidbits of MGIS Easter Event at the Manila Hotel

Easter Sunday, Manila Philippines-- International School  MGIS had three spectacular booths at Manila Hotel’s Neverland Easter Adventure, held at Garden Alfresco, Manila Hotel on April 8,2012:

Located at the entrance, MGIS Booth #1 welcomed its guests with egg-shaped chocolate goodies for kids, MGIS Tigers bag tags, as well as art materials to be used during the art session.

Now,sneak a quick look into our painting session:

At the access to the main venue, noteworthy were the Audio Visual Presentations (AVPs) and infomercials prepared by the MGIS Marketing Team, presented on a clear LCD screen.

Parents were each given an MGIS kit, complete with information about the school, with our latest school journal attached. As a bonus,they were invited to a live sketch session at MGIS Booth #3 with our guest artist Mr. Albert Magsumbol of Papercut Philippines.

Booth #2 : Located  strategically beside the main stage was the delightful MGIS Photo Booth where everybody had fun changing their looks before taking individual or group shots. Patrons were assisted by our awesome MGIS teachers, who were mostly in character to match the theme.

Booth #3: Fronting MGIS Booth #2, just beside the main seats, our MGIS live sketch booth was advantageously set up.

In sum, the Neverland Easter Event was an overwhelming  success.

Please join us next time in another buffet of fun...

By the way,here's our new shoutout: IS? MGIS!...IS? MGIS!

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