Thursday, January 17, 2013

What Keeps a Mom Going

by:  Cherry Moriones Doromal
The Daily Routine

It’s 2013 and my daily routine barely changed... Normally, my next day starts a day ahead. It’s because I need to wake up the earliest and sleep the latest to make sure everything will run smoothly for everyone in my home of two wonderful sons and a loving police officer husband.

(L-R) Ezekiel (Gr.6), Me, Zecheriah (Gr. 2), My husband Wilson
Modesty aside, I feel favored by God to make it possible for me to simultaneously assume the roles of a full-time mom, full-time wife, full-time housekeeper and a full-time academic staff at the Mahatma Gandhi International School (MGIS) in Manila. 

Mondays through Fridays, I begin the day waking the boys up, preparing their breakfast and driving them to MGIS Manila-- their school and my workplace!

My mommy work generally pauses the moment we arrive in school for me to focus on my job as marketing director of MGIS.  However, in between, my mommy duties are occasionally called for to guide the kids in their studies. (Isn’t it amazing that as I guard my kids, they guard me as well, in the absence of the busy man of the house?)

As each school day ends, I revert to being a driver-bodyguard-nanny-mom of the kids.
Dinner #1 (early dinner) after school
On the way home, we would routinely drop by the mall to eat Dinner No. 1 (since I also prepare fresh dinner late at night, that’s Dinner No. 2), and shop for whatever we need. Shopping is therapeutic, I think! 

No big issue with clothes and uniforms as the laundry service picks up the laundry twice a week. Then go the basic daily add-ons:  homework, movie time, internet browsing, playing. Plus the mandatory routine: milk and vitamins, waiting for daddy and family prayer.

To think that our weekends are constantly jam-packed with social obligations, the next school week is always an exciting challenge for everyoneI’m just so thankful that over the years, I have been trained by experience to plan ahead, live one day at a time, be versatile, and be happy about every circumstance.

Stress Versus Personal Goals

On the part of mothers who have no choice but to multitask, an active, organized life is at times stressful. What stresses us out the most, for instance, is that we are steeped with work that we tend to eat a lot to recuperate, and find no time to exercise, resulting to every woman’s nightmare: weight gain!

In the past, I considered my active daily routine a barrier to doing my other personal plans, such as further studies, ministry involvement, business focus, travel etc.  But such has never overpowered the pleasure of seeing how my kids enjoy school (MGIS) and witnessing how they become responsible and excellent in all areas of learning each day.

Things Which Keep Me Going

Here’s the most exciting part that inspired me to write this blog. I  was reading the Report Cards of my sons Zekie and Zecheriah  for the first term SY 2012-2013 and these are a few things that the proud mom saw on the narrative portion (Teachers’ Comments):

Zecheriah Wilson “Strong” Doromal  , Grade 2 at Mahatma Gandhi International School

Singapore Math:  Strong can easily grasp Math concepts. He remembers rules in addition and subtraction and would apply and remember them right away.  He is an enthusiastic Math learner. Strong tries his best to finish tasks on time, as he strives to work for developing a stamina in doing longer Math tasks.

International Primary Curriculum:  Strong enjoyed the Unit of Work for this term—Olympics.  He was able to work collaboratively with his classmates and would diligently do the task assigned to him.  He is a very enthusiastic learner.  He also enjoyed the art activities in Science about the Human Body.  He remembered and is very cautious about the food he eats in relation to what he learned about the human body.

Performing Arts /Music:  Strong has displayed great enthusiasm and appreciation for the things we are doing in the music class.  He is very active when it comes to classroom discussions. I also noticed how he gives focus on playing the melodica.  He is keen in writing the letter names in each piece that I give. Good work!

Philippine History, Culture and Language:  Strong takes keen interest in all works and is most agreeable and willing worker.  He enjoys learning new Filipino words and even volunteers to read aloud in class. Hope his interest will continue.

Literacy:  Strong’s ability to read has been evident this term. He reads with fluency and accuracy.  His spelling is excellent.  His literal comprehension is very well-established.
Physical Education:  Zecheriah has made a good improvement in all areas of PE.  His motor skills and coordination have remarkably improved.  He actively participates in all the assigned tasks and challenges.  He gives his best in every activity he does.  Keep it up, Zecheriah!

Class Teacher’s Comments:  Strong is a very pleasant student.  He is charming and would unawarely humor anyone in the class.  At the same time, he would surprise you with his wit and out-of-the-box ideas.   He is very art smart and he finds true joy with his creations.

Headmaster Mr. Lawrence Buck’s Comments:  A very good first report of the year, well done!

And here's for Ezekiel Wilson “Zekie” Doromal, Grade 6 at Mahatma Gandhi International School
(L) Ezekiel Wilson "Zekie" Doromal; (R) Zecheriah Wilson "Strong" Doromal

Zekie has a good focus especially when accomplishing tasks.  He wants to be certain in his approaches and this method helped him produce good test scores in which he continues to do so.  During discussions, he has the confidence to volunteer to answer.

Humanities:  Zekie is an active participant in the class who is always ready to give his opinions and insights.  He is respectful of his peers and teacher.  He has a good disposition that helps him work easily with others.  Zekie makes sure he meets all his requirements and tries to submit tasks on time.
Mandarin:  Wilson showed his grasp of the simple Mandarin words and sentences better.  His skill in reading Pinyin words and sentences was pleasing.

Visual Arts:  Ezekiel is very artistic and creative.  He visually plans his ideas with clarity and consistency.  He is very good both in working with a group and on his own.  He never runs out of creative ideas.

English and Literature:  Zekie has a vast and exceptional recall of his schema. He knows topics and important details which are forgotten by his fellow students.  He is quick with his ideas; he finishes his journal prompts ahead of time for there is no difficulty putting his thoughts into words.

Integrated Studies /International Primary Curriculum:  Ezekiel is well-engaged in activities like role playing and creative story telling.  He enthusiastically shares his ideas to his peers and classmates.  He shows leadership skills when doing group activities.

ICT:  Ezekiel demonstrates great interest in ICT class.  He shows good technical skills and creativity towards his work.  He’s very enthusiastic in learning new things from the ICT lessons and hands-on activities.

Philippine History, Culture and Language: Ezekiel enjoys participating in conversations and group discussions.  He can express his ideas clearly and has a good vocabulary.  I hope his good attitude in class will continue to the next term.

Physical Science:  Zekie exudes positivity and cheerfulness in the class.  He sees to it that he actively participates and engages himself in any class activity especially during experiments.  

Life Science:  Ezekiel displays an excellent capacity for retention and comprehension.  He often fulfills the leadership role in group tasks, and is able to relate with his peers.

Music and Drama:  Zekie displays self-discipline.  He is able to adjust to his new environment in a short period. Keep it up.

Physical Education:  Ezekiel has actively involved himself in all our activities.  He always tries his best in everything he does.  He has developed a wide range of skills and understanding in all of the activities covered in our PE lessons.  Keep it up Zekie! Stay active!

Homeroom Adviser’s Comments:  Zekie has been enthusiastic in accomplishing classroom tasks given to him.  His positive attitude and cheerfulness in dealing with classroom issues are admirable.  He also finishes tasks given within allotted time.

Headmaster Mr. Lawrence Buck says:  A very pleasing report, Zekie!

And so, that's it! Pardon this parent for seemingly being so proud of her sons. It's just that seeing those teachers' comments on my kids' Report Card has instantly taken away my fatigue, giving me the confidence that my precious ones are on the right track with Mahatma Gandhi International School (MGIS). And yeah, every bit of stress has vanished!

 Finally, hats off, to MGIS 21st century educators!

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