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Home ESL Series: Oratorical Piece "THE SCHOLAR"

By:  Cherry Moriones Doromal

I wrote a declamation piece entitled THE SCHOLAR about a month ago and gave my kids Zekie (11 years old) and Strong (7 years old) a hard copy for each of them. We read the piece together only twice. After that, we never had time to seriously practice the piece...Until, two days ago, when we were in the car and got stuck in long hours of traffic jam, my sons started reciting the piece without realizing that they both inadvertently memorized the same.

Reading with our kids or students is really effective and inspiring for them.

This video was randomly taken yesterday WITHOUT practice where the Teacher Mom had an impromptu command (lol!) to sons Zekie and Strong to recite THE SCHOLAR on cam, and in return, the Mom would allow them to swim at night (positive reinforcement). This rendition may not be flawless, but perfect in the sense that the speaker (Zekie) did not lose confidence and carried on when he forgot his lines.

I love using declamation pieces in teaching ESL as there are various vital skills being developed simultaneously: language and communication skills, memorization, pronunciation, intonation, confidence, eye contact, gesticulation, acting...and not to mention, patience.

The Scholar was written by this author with the masses in Philippine setting in mind. As you may notice, I used peso, not dollar, and the narrator’s parents’ jobs are reflective of typical Filipino as well, where the father is a construction worker and the mother is a banana cue peddler. This piece depicts the Filipino values of devotion to God, diligence, and positive perspective despite life’s unfavorable circumstances.

In my opinion, what makes this declamation piece unique is that the author was able to successfully integrate two elements that other pieces may not have: (1)An original unpublished song composed by the same author entitled “My need of You” and (2) a Biblical promise in Jeremiah 29:11 to conclude the piece.

Ezekiel "Zekie" Doromal is a 6th Grader in MGIS

Zecheriah "Strong" Doromal is a 2nd Grader, also at Mahatma Gandhi International School (MGIS) in Manila Philippines

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"But as for me and my household, we will serve the LORD."

The Scholar

A declamation piece by Cherry Moriones Doromal

One thousand pesos.

One thousand pesos more and I will be able to pay my school fees.

I am ten years old, and all I dream of is to study,to get a good job and help my family.

My father has not recovered from his accident at construction work last year, and so, he has been in bed since then.

My mother… She earns two hundred pesos a day peddling banana cue. 

In many occasions during my sleep, I witness how my mother secretly hugs me… and cries, whispering to herself that she wanted to send me to school. But , her income is not enough to provide our needs.

I am not dismayed… I look forward each day to a better future.

I have two little sisters and one baby brother. And so, I have to be tough. I am tough, I know!

Shhhhhhh……. (wind  and rain) Oh, it’s raining so hard tonight, I need to deliver all these packs of bread to Mr.  Argel’s home.

Run...(panting), Run, (panting) Run…whew!  Knock ,knock… I’ m here to deliver  these bread to Mr. Argel.

Knock…knock…knock… (shiver) sooo cold! Pleaase, open the door.

There seems to be no one home. What am I suppose to do? In fact, selling all these bread will not even give me half of the One Thousand Pesos I need… for my  school fees… 

 Knock, knock, knock… “Anybody home?” hmmm…

“Lord, there seems to be nobody home as the gate and door are closed.  Oh well, I trust that you are here with me. You will never leave me nor forsake me.”

And so, I sing:








(“My Need of You” Words and Tune by Cherry Moriones Doromal. All Rights Reserved Earthwide Concepts)

O…Ohh!  The bread got wet and dropped on the floor… (picking up the pieces of bread when the door opened)

Oh, it’s Mr. Argel… Good evening Sir! As you can see, the packs of bread I am supposed to deliver for you are all gone to waste. They dropped on the floor and got wet.

“It’s okay, little boy! I admire your perseverance. How much do I owe you? Ah, 300 Pesos for the bread and here’s a Thousand Pesos more for your job well done!”

Thank you, Mr. Argel! Thank you, God, for providing my need, just in time! For You know your plans for me. Plans to prosper me and not to harm me. Plans to give me hope and a future.

Basic Chord Reference for the song "My Need of You"  by Cherry Moriones Doromal

G-C Am F

F G Em Am

FG Em-Am



The Teacher Mom's Teaching Philosophy

"In general, I dub my personal teaching philosophy 'altruistic passion in education' wherein understanding the learner is the key.  In effecting this philosophy, the teacher has to be extra empathetic on the condition and needs of her students and be able to patiently and strategically reconcile these factors with her goals for the class and for each student.

I practice eclectic strategies of teaching in my classes and ascertain that the student's interests are not only enhanced and stirred, more importantly, potentials are also introduced and discovered, recognizing individual differences and strengths. As regards this sphere, I boost the employment of creativity, performing arts, experimentation, external exposures, technology, experiential and collaborative learning, and freedom of expression and inquiry in the class while giving everyone a balanced opportunity to shine.

It is my conviction that teachers are role models of the students and are vital conduits of moral and character formation of the learner; hence, irrespective of the subject area one teaches, values should be integrated. 

I believe that classroom experience is a two-way process wherein teachers and students mutually teach and learn from each other.

Learning is an endless process as long as one is willing to absorb knowledge. Considering this in mind, it is my job as a good teacher to think of and utilize appropriate motivational strategies to develop the student’s positive learning attitude.

Finally, family support is, at all times, encouraged. I believe that teaching and learning begin at home and experience yields wisdom."

.-- Cherry Moriones Doromal, Generalist Educator/Marketing  & Quad-Media Director,MGIS

living in the Philippines

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