Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Classroom Anecdotes by Cherry D

 by: Cherry Moriones Doromal

Mahatma Gandhi International School (MGIS) -- Since we started this School Year 2013-2014, I've been posting up photos with status updates on my personal Facebook account almost everyday.  I just thought of documenting these posts here on a single blog, as a public journal.

Just like any other profession, teaching has its own ups and downs. And I solidly refuse  to be a contributor to the downside of it. These anecdotes are mostly testimonials about my personal classroom experience and encounters, intended to edify and inspire my fellow international educators.

15 Aug 2013 
Friend: Isn't teaching stressful?
Me: YES! There are stresses which make you thin and stresses which make you fat; but, there are stresses which make you even more beautiful. As to the my case, one of them is teaching!

MGIS Manila Grade 7 Class SY 2013-14

13 Aug 2013- 1st day SY 2013-2014 -I got into the Grade 7 classroom for my Philippine History, Culture & Language or PHCL class in MGIS. Everybody seemed excited (perhaps, because I' m a familiar face) and my intro was: "Congratulations, everyone! Why? Because you're my very first class in Mgis Manila." And there was a big round of applause. Everyone's energy level was high;we never realized the bell ending our period had rung. I had every student stand up, speak up his mind and exhibit his legible handwriting on the board! Aside from writing and conmunication skills, CONFIDENCE, that's one of the things we'll develop together. I love this big class of 16 students (3 new comers)-- an active community of French, Pakistani, British, Israeli,Indian, Filipino,Vietnamese, Japanese and Iraqui nationals. Intercultural appreciation and unity in diversity are very much alive!

Mgis Manila, 14 Aug 2013 Philippine History Culture and Language (PHCL)- I only have 5 students in Grade 6. Some of them are still out of the country or on vacation and will be back by next month.

ME: Class, let me ask you this One Million Dollar question :"Is PHCL a boring subject?"


ME:Don't worry, your answer will not in any way affect your grades.
Then I asked them the same question for the second time.

ME: Is PHCL a boring subject?

STUDENTS: Ahmm... Sometimes.

Then, we proceeded with the lesson.

Before we wrapped up, I asked the class,again: Is PHCL a boring subject?

STUDENTS (loudly in unison): No!

ME: That's right! There's no boring subject to an animated teacher! There's no boring subject to students who are ready to learn.

Finally, I asked, "What is a good title for today's session?" Of several choices given by each of them, this title stood out:" Ms. Cherry and her Fantastic 5" . . . And yes, I agree! You, guys, were really fantastic this morning!


15 Aug 2013, MGIS Manila Philippine History, Culture and Language (PHCL)-- This photo is a spillover from yesterday. Glad to have met this very active Grade 5 class- inquirers, communicators,and very helpful,too! (especially when the Smartboard icons were missing, hahah!) For me, teaching is like running my own tv show. I prepare my program log, divided into timed segments: OBB,1st segment ,1st Gap, 2nd Segment (with audience participation), 2nd Gap,Final Segment and CBB... Yes,the classroom is a big stage...teachers are edu-tainers!- Dr. Cherry D. 

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