Wednesday, May 8, 2013

US Embassy Recommends MGIS to Americans

 By Cherry Moriones Doromal

Mahatma Gandhi International School, Manila, May 8, 2013—
Regional Education Officer Constance W. Buford of the U.S.  Department of State Office of Overseas Schools (Washington DC) and Ms.  Rhonda Roberts of the US Embassy in Manila surprised MGIS with an ocular inspection to assess and have the feel of the daily school operation. 

After the campus tour, presentation of curriculum and brief observation of classes led by Ms. Rose Moyano and Ms. Bee Yuquimpo, the guests left the school with a pleasing evaluation, displaying their strong interest to recommend MGIS to the U.S. Embassy Manila personnel and clienteles who are searching for an ideal Philippine school that meets the international standards.

“They are enthralled at how our students behave, and they love the family atmosphere in MGIS”, said Ms. Bee. “The exclusivity by reason of small number of students in each class in MGIS is another plus factor”, she added.

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